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Botulinum Toxin

It is one of the treatments for dynamic or movement wrinkles, most performed worldwide. An individual diagnosis is made for each patient and it is tried to diminish the action of certain facial muscles that to be united to the skin, when contracting, generate wrinkles. Several wrinkles are treated, including those of the forehead, brow, periocular, peri labial or chin. The treatment generates a facial relaxation that results in a highlighted, rested, clear and cheerful look. In the local market, there are three recognized brands, Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Working with all of them and knowing their properties you can find applications for each particular case. After the application it is important to avoid the heat in the facial area, as well as avoiding exercise or lying down, thus favoring that the toxin is not eliminated by increasing blood circulation, where it was placed.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is a natural component of the skin that is sold with different densities and is used to moisturize and lighten the skin, which is called skin booster, or to increase the projection of certain areas and fill depressions. There is a product for each indication, and with a good combination of them and botulinum toxin can be very beautified a face restoring the lost volumes and delaying the need for surgery. All are resorbable. It is important not to abuse the filler materials, as they have an additive power with each placement. Less is more. This avoids getting disproportionate and unnatural faces. There are different brands in the market, but regardless of what you place, you should always be given a sticker with the complete information of the product.

Skin Booster

By means of hyaluronic acids of low crosslinking, injecting them superficially, it is possible to increase the moisturization and brightness of the skin, renewing the appearance of the same.


Different skin problems such as lack of shine, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, localized adiposities, among others, can be improved with the application of different substances under the skin. The procedure is done in a doctor’s office with small syringes loaded with medications and very fine needles that allow placing micro drops in the affected areas. Several sessions are held and the changes are evident. Although they do not replace the surgery, you obtain remarkable benefits when you are a tenacious patient with the treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma

Called the vampire facelift by the press, is a technique that involves removing a small amount of blood from the patient, which is processed to isolate plasma and platelets and is activated to be reinjected in the areas to be treated such as: face, cleavage, back of the hands, scars, burns, among others. Platelets are cells that help in the processes of skin repair normally, so we take advantage of that virtue according to our goals. It is performed with local anesthesia or minimal sedation, and in the operating room, it is not an office procedure if it is performed seriously.

Chemical Peeling

Pollution, daily life, stress, sun, tobacco smoke, radiation from the screens we often use, go damaging the skin and eliminating the self-repair mechanisms of it. In this way, a small layer of dead cells on the facial surface obscures the natural brightness of the skin and generates a heterogeneous color. To counteract this problem we use different natural and synthetic substances that remove that layer of dead cells in a controlled manner and allow the skin to appear in all its splendor. There are different combinations for each skin and each problem to be treated. Sunscreen should always be used to avoid unwanted pigmentation.

Mechanical Peeling

As well as using different chemical substances, we can also use mechanical abrasive methods, such as the diamond tip to eliminate irregularities of the skin and make it look and feel more homogeneous. It is of great use in acne scars, traumatic, in addition to fine and deep wrinkles.


It consists of stimulating the dermal tissue with heat to generate collagen and elastin and increase the thickness and quality of the tissue under the visible skin. In order to protect it, the equipment itself generates cold in a superficial way and heat in depth, being able to apply a different potency to that of the traditional equipment. Different areas can be treated both at the facial level as the corporal. It also has a conductive plate that allows us in the monopolar mode to remove part of the fatty tissue by a cryo lipolysis system. This improves the skin and contour.

Frax Face

It is a speech radiofrequency, which generates heat in depth to stimulate collagen and elastin, and micro perforations in the skin, eliminating very small damaged parts of it, which the body will repair concentrically, generating a tensor effect on the successive days of treatment, clearly visible. It produces a global benefit on damaged, aged skin with scars or stretch marks. It is important to do at least 3 sessions to highlight the changes you are looking for. It is done with topical or local anesthesia and generates minimal discomfort. Subsequently, if about 10 minutes after the treatment, a certain heat invades the face, it is advisable to have some thermal water to spray the face and cope with the discomfort caused. The next day the patient can put on makeup without any problems and sunscreen should always be worn.

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